MISSION KIBBER-CHITKUL…a MOTOGRAPHY tour… { 40 images } Created 24 Oct 2014

3 months ago when I decided to go back to biking regimen, everybody thought that I had lost my mind. I actually had no clear answer to this other then inarticulate conclusion like “It is fun and I must explore it”. Another reason may be that it will give me the opportunity to judge my endurance, mentally and physically and I was sure it will give me a different perspective to my interpretation in regards to the immensity of the earth.
Which Bike? After detailed study, I decided to settle down with Royal Enfield’s 500 CC Thunderbird… primarily because of its power and that too within my budget; Secondly because of its origin... after all “Dil he Hindustani”….
Where to go? When we talk about motor biking in India, our mind immediately narrows down to one location...LEH, which is often considered to be the Mecca of bikers. It is one of the most visited biking destinations. But I was to do something different. The moment I decided to visit KIBBER, that too in the mid of November, question came from all around “You sure?”, and then I asked myself, “Am I sure about the timing?” But then, the first trip has to be unforgettable and there was no question of backtracking my decision.
Lekhraj joined and two of us headed for our mission… MISSION KIBBER-CHITKUL…a MOTOGRAPHY tour…

9 days, almost 1400 km, 300 meters to 4200 meters, 15° C to -20° C, and the trip judged our potential to severe weather. Thankfully the entire machinery and our body responded as it should. 15th to 23rd November 2013, away from the world, we witnessed the magnificence Spiti and Kinnaur.

From modern to ancient, low to high, civilization to non-civilization, the journey of two different extreme villages was thrilling in real sense. When we designed this trip, it was more of a photography tour then a biking tour. But now we feel proud to admit that it was purely a biking trip. “MISSION KIBBER-CHITKUL…a MOTOGRAPHY tour” ended on day nine. It was extreme, it was cold. The landscapes were picture perfect surrounded by some gigantic mountains covered with snow. The roads were long, the surface was jerky, days were small, moral was high… we had to ride, and yes, we did it. It was a real fun and I must say that one must do it… again and again.
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